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In this section we showcase some of our technologies that are available to our customers.

Drug interaction in combination therapy

Drug combination studies are important to estimate the proportionate contribution of each drug component to the overall potency of a treatment regimen. InPheno assembled a series of tools – from replicative viral assays to mathematical models - for judging the relative influence of individual components on the others in a combination.

We use 2 different models to analyse data i) the Bliss independence model which generates a three dimensional plot using MacSynergy™ II, ii) the Loewe additivity model which results in isobolograms and combination indices at different effective concentrations (e.g., EC50 and EC70) and at different drug-drug ratios. Below are typical results from drug combination studies where the effect of combining i) AZT to d4T on the replication of HIV or ii) Oseltamivir to a PI3K inhibitor on the replication of influenza virus were determined.